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Greco Mafia clan: Quiz


Question 1: Giuseppe Pino Greco was one of Totò Riina preferred hit man and became a member of the ________ as well.
Matteo Messina DenaroAntonino GiuffrèBernardo ProvenzanoSicilian Mafia Commission

Question 2: The Greco’s suspected the brothers Salvatore and ________ of the attack.
Calcedonio Di PisaSicilian Mafia CommissionAngelo La BarberaSalvatore Greco "Ciaschiteddu"

Question 3: During the Second Mafia War another offspring of the Greco clan rose to prominence: ________, a distant relative of Salvatore and Michele Greco.
Giuseppe GrecoFilippo MarcheseMaxi TrialSicilian Mafia Commission

Question 4: The brothers ________ and Salvatore Greco operated low profile and were able to enter into relationships with businessmen, politicians, magistrates and law enforcement officials through their membership of Masonic lodges.
Michele GrecoGiuseppe GrecoSicilian Mafia CommissionSalvatore Riina

Question 5: He was the kingmaker of Christian Democrat politicians such as Giovanni Gioia, ________ and Giuseppe Insalaco.
Vito CianciminoMafiaBernardo ProvenzanoSalvatore Lima

Question 6: According to ________ Michele Greco would just nod his head and agree with virtually everything Riina said during meetings between the heads of various Mafia families.
Salvatore RiinaTommaso BuscettaPentitoSalvatore Lima

Question 7: In 1973 they were both given the maximum period of five years of internal banishment at the remote island of ________, but they were nowhere to be found.

Question 8: Salvatore Greco "Ciaschiteddu" was the first ‘secretary’ of the Sicilian Mafia Commission, while ________, also known as The Pope, was one of his successors.
Giuseppe GrecoMaxi TrialSalvatore RiinaMichele Greco

Question 9: Control over the trade fell into the hands of a few fugitives: the Greco cousins, Pietro Davì, Tommaso Buscetta and ________.
MafiaGiuseppe Di CristinaSicilian Mafia CommissionGaetano Badalamenti

Question 10: In 1974 the Sicilian Mafia Commission was restored under the leadership of ________.
Gaetano BadalamentiStefano BontadeGiuseppe Di CristinaSalvatore Riina


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