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Greco-Roman mysteries: Quiz


Question 1: The mystery cults of Greco-Roman antiquity include the Eleusinian Mysteries, the ________, the Orphic Mysteries and the Mithraic Mysteries.
Ancient GreeceDionysian MysteriesDionysusAncient Greece and wine

Question 2: Mystery religions form one of three types of ________, the others being the imperial cult or ethnic religion particular to a nation or state, and the philosophic religions such as Neoplatonism.
Hellenistic religionEleusinian MysteriesPolytheismImperial cult (ancient Rome)

Question 3: Notable among these late cults was the ________.
Axial precession (astronomy)Marcus AureliusMithraic MysteriesTauroctony

Question 4: This is also reflected in the tripartite division of "theology" by Varro, in civil theology (concerning the state cult and its stabilizing effect on society), natural theology (philosophical speculation about the nature of the divine) and mythical theology (concerning ________).
Slavic mythologyPolytheismMyth and ritualProto-Indo-European religion

Question 5: Some of the many divinities that the Romans nominally adopted from other cultures also came to be worshipped in Mysteries, so for instance Egyptian Isis, Thracian/Phrygian Sabazius and Phrygian ________.
Greek mythologyCybeleDionysusZeus

Question 6: Mysteries thus supplements rather than competes with ________.
Rationalization (sociology)Political religionCivil religionCriminology

Question 7: The popularity of mystery cults flourished in Late Antiquity; ________ in the mid 4th century is known to have been initiated into three distinct mystery cults.
Julian the ApostateConstantine IConstantius IIValentinian I

Question 8: The most famous Mysteries of Greco-Roman antiquity were the ________, which were of considerable antiquity and predated the Greek Dark Ages.
Eleusinian MysteriesReligion in ancient GreeceImperial cult (ancient Rome)Polytheism


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