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Question 1: 28 October, the day of ________' rejection of the Italian ultimatum, is a day of national celebration in Greece, named Ohi Day (Greek for "Day of No").
Ion AntonescuIoannis MetaxasGreek National Socialist PartyAxis powers

Question 2: On 3 May, after the final conquest of ________, an imposing German-Italian parade in Athens celebrated the Axis victory.

Question 3: In the meantime, the Greek Army of Epirus was cut off in 18 April, when elements of the ________ motorized brigade captured the Metsovo Pass after overcoming local Greek resistance.
3rd SS Division TotenkopfWaffen-SSWaffen-SS divisions1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

Question 4: On 4 March, the British sent their first convoy of troops and supplies to Greece, under the orders of Lieutenant-General Sir ________.
John Vereker, 6th Viscount GortHenry Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron WilsonArchibald Wavell, 1st Earl WavellAlan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke

Question 5: Greece had been friendly towards ________, especially profiting from mutual trade relations, but now Germany's ally Italy was to invade Greece.
Nazi GermanyAxis powersNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 6: Both Albania and Greece claimed ________, inhabited by a large[10] Greek population.
Evangelis ZappasChaoniansNorthern EpirusNorthern Epirus Liberation Front

Question 7: From the 6 April 1941 intervention of Nazi Germany onwards, this conflict is known as the ________.
Greek ResistanceBattle of GreeceBattle of CreteGreco-Italian War

Question 8: Three days later he ordered a meeting in ________ to discuss the invasion of Greece.

Question 9: In its aftermath, the new Fascist government of Mussolini used the murder of an Italian general at the Greco-Albanian border to bombard and occupy Corfu, the most important of the ________.
Ionian IslandsBritish EmpireAnguillaGibraltar

Question 10: 30,000 men and 163 tanks) intended to drive towards ________, flanked on its right by a small brigade-sized "Littoral Group" (Raggruppamento Litorale‎) of ca.


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