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Greco-Bactrian Kingdom: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The Buddhist faith flourished under the Indo-Greek kings, foremost among them ________.
Ashoka the GreatGreco-BuddhismMenander IGreco-Buddhist art

Question 3: When the ruler of neighbouring ________, the former satrap and self-proclaimed king Andragoras, was eliminated by Arsaces, the rise of the Parthian Empire cut off the Greco-Bactrians from direct contact with the Greek world.
Aria (satrapy)ParthiaHyrcaniaMedes

Question 4: The Greco-Bactrian Kingdom (also Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom) was the easternmost part of the Hellenistic world, covering ________ and Sogdiana in Central Asia from 250 to 125 BCE.
BactriaAchaemenid EmpireMedesSeleucid Empire

Question 5: The Greco-Bactrians were known for their high level of ________ sophistication, and kept regular contact with both the Mediterranean and neighbouring India.
Hellenistic civilizationHellenistic periodAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 6: The culture of these nomadic invaders is apparently documented by such archaeological sites as ________, is northwestern Afghanistan.
Greco-Bactrian KingdomKabulKushan EmpireTillya Tepe

Question 7: Their invasion of Parthia is well documented, in which they attacked in the direction of the cities of ________, Hecatompolis and Ectabana.

Question 8:
What type of government does Greco-Bactrian Kingdom have?
with federal structure
Socialist republic

Question 9: Having left the Bactrian territory, he is technically the last Greco-Bactrian king, although several of his descendants, moving beyond the Hindu Kush, would form the western part of the ________.
Indo-Greeks (sources)Greco-Bactrian KingdomIndo-ScythiansIndo-Greeks

Question 10: This established in northern India what is called the ________, which lasted for almost two centuries until around 10 CE.
Indo-Greeks (sources)Indo-GreeksGreco-Bactrian KingdomIndo-Scythians


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