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Question 1: [1] The capture of the occupied territories during the Six Day War in 1967, led to the growth of the non-parliamentary Movement for Greater Israel and the construction of ________.
ZionismIsraeli settlementKahanismMenachem Begin

Question 2: The Bible contains three geographical definitions of the ________.
Timeline of Jewish historyZionismJewish historyLand of Israel

Question 3: Other religious uses refer to one of the Biblical definitions of the ________ found in Genesis 15:18-21, Numbers 34:1-15 or Ezekiel 47:13-20.
Timeline of Jewish historyJewish historyLand of IsraelZionism

Question 4: This is a more accurate translation than "Greater" Israel, which is used in English but has no real counterpart in ________.
Hebrew languageMishnaic HebrewSamaritan Hebrew languageBiblical Hebrew

Question 5: Early Revisionist Zionist groups such as ________ and Irgun Zvai-Leumi regarded as Greater Israel the territory of the Mandate of Palestine including Transjordan.
Menachem BeginBetarZionismRevisionist Zionism

Question 6: The same territory, "from the river to the sea", is also claimed as Palestine by the PLO [6] and ________.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictPalestinian rocket attacks on IsraelSecond IntifadaHamas

Question 7: The proportion of current ________, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey included in this territory is debatable.

Question 8: This so-called 10 Agorot controversy is named after the Israeli coin brandished by PLO chairman ________ in 1988 as evidence for this accusation.
Menachem BeginYasser ArafatFatahPalestine Liberation Organization

Question 9: ________ was a dedicated proponent of Greater Israel and as Israeli Prime Minister gave the settler movement funding and Israeli governmental legitimisation.
Menachem BeginAriel SharonYitzhak ShamirShimon Peres

Question 10: Greater Israel occasionally refers to the Promised Land (defined in Genesis 15:18-21) or to the ________, and is also called Complete Land of Israel or "Entire Land of Israel" (Hebrew: ארץ ישראל השלמה‎, Eretz Yisrael Hashlemah).
ZionismJewish historyLand of IsraelTimeline of Jewish history


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