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Question 1: As in the past, today's great houses are limited to ________, the very rich, or those who have inherited them; few in the developed world are staffed at the level of past centuries.
Head of stateMonarchyMonarchUnited Kingdom

Question 2: The complex hierarchy of a staff in a great house has been portrayed in several notable productions for ________ and television.
Independent filmFilmMovie theaterFilmmaking

Question 3: cities such as ________ with luxurious appointments and great retinues of indoor and outdoor staff.
Portsmouth, Rhode IslandNewport, Rhode IslandMiddletown, Rhode IslandProvidence, Rhode Island

Question 4: In Ireland, the term big house is usual for the houses of the ________ ascendancy.
Irish literatureNorthern IrelandIrish peopleAnglo-Irish

Question 5: There was often an elaborate hierarchy among staff, ________ in particular.
ButlerMalaysiaPhilippinesDomestic worker

Question 6: In countries with supplies of cheap domestic labour, the ________ are still able to afford household help, but not approaching the numbers involved in the running of a great house.
Working classUpper classSocial classMiddle class


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