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Great circle: Quiz


Question 1: When long distance aviation or nautical routes are drawn on a flat map (for instance, the ________), they often look curved.
Rhumb lineMap projectionEdward Wright (mathematician)Mercator projection

Question 2: Some examples of great circles on the celestial sphere include the celestial horizon, the celestial equator, and the ________.

Question 3: Thus, Great Circle routes are often broken into a series of shorter ________ which allow the use of constant headings between waypoints along the Great Circle.
Rhumb lineMap projectionLatitudeMercator projection

Question 4: The great circle, also known as the Riemannian circle, is the path with the smallest ________, and hence, an arc (or an orthodrome) of a great circle is the shortest path between two points on the surface.
Gaussian curvatureFrenet–Serret formulasPrincipal curvatureCurvature

Question 5: On the Earth, the meridians are on great circles, and the ________ is a great circle.
1st parallel south1st parallel northEquator5th parallel north

Question 6: Other lines of ________ are not great circles, because they are smaller than the equator; their centers are not at the center of the Earth -- they are small circles instead.
Arctic CircleLatitudePrime MeridianAntarctic Circle


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