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Great Wall of China hoax: Quiz


Question 1: In 1898, Britain obtained a 99-year lease for the New Territories, extending the ________ colony that had been ceded in 1841.
PhilippinesMacauUnited StatesHong Kong

Question 2: Wilber, who composed the music for "Back to Dear Old Denver Town" (1912), was the first manager of the Fox Fullerton Theater (________) after it was constructed in 1924-25.
Fullerton, CaliforniaOrange, CaliforniaAnaheim, CaliforniaSanta Ana, California

Question 3: The Great Wall of China hoax was a faked story, published in United States newspapers on June 25, 1899, about bids by American businesses to demolish the ________ and construct a road in its place.
Mount TaiForbidden CityPingyaoGreat Wall of China

Question 4: ________ and Dwight Sands perpetuated the legend.
Paul HarveyMorning JoeCitadel MediaPaul Harvey, Jr.

Question 5: In 1939, an urban legend began when Denver songwriter Harry Lee Wilber claimed in a magazine article that the 1899 hoax had ignited the ________ of 1900.
Boxer RebellionRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Korean WarSpanish–American War

Question 6: The fact, however, is that Boxer activity intensified in response to the German invasion in ________ during March 1899 - before the hoax was invented in Denver.

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