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Great Synagogue of Rome: Quiz


Question 1: This event marked the first known visit by a pope to a synagogue since the early history of the ________.
Pope John Paul IIPope Paul VIPope Gregory ICatholic Church

Question 2: The Roman Ghetto was demolished and the Jews were granted ________.
CitizenshipHonorary Canadian citizenshipAncient GreeceLaw

Question 3: The Great Synagogue of Rome (Italian: Tempio Maggiore di Roma) is the largest synagogue in ________.

Question 4: Designed by Vincenzo Costa and Osvaldo Armanni, the synagogue was built from 1901 to 1904 on the banks of the ________, overlooking the former ghetto.
Tiber RiverLake BolsenaLazioSabine

Question 5: Commemorative plates honour the local Jewish victims of ________ and of a Palestine Liberation Organization attack in 1982.
Axis powersNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerNazism

Question 6: The building was constructed shortly after the unification of Italy in 1870, when the Kingdom of Italy captured Rome and the ________ ceased to exist.
Catholic ChurchPapal StatesPope John Paul IIPope Gregory I

Question 7: During that time, many Israelites left the land of ________ to go to Rome.
IsraelGreeceUnited StatesArmenia

Question 8: Then, there was the large influx of prisoners-of-war and slaves taken during the Jewish–Roman wars in ________ and Palestine, (from 63 B.C.
Farafra, EgyptNegevAntarcticaJudea

Question 9: The ________ dome is the only squared dome in the city and makes the building easily identifiable even from a distance.

Question 10: The Jewish community of Rome goes back to the second century BC when ________ had an alliance with the Roman Empire under the leadership of Judah Maccabeus.
AntarcticaNegevJudeaFarafra, Egypt


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