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Question 1: The Pardo expedition followed a trail across the flanks of Chilhowee Mountain to the Mississippian-period villages at Chilhowee and Citico (Pardo's notary called them by their ________ names, "Chalahume" and "Satapo").
Muskogean languagesMississippian cultureMobilian JargonGuale

Question 2: The influx of settlers at the end of the ________ brought conflict with the Cherokee, who still held legal title to much of the land.
Seven Years' WarBraddock expeditionFort DuquesneFrench and Indian War

Question 3: The dominant species include yellow birch, basswood, buckeye, ________ (commonly called "tulip poplar"), silverbell, sugar maple, magnolia, hickory, and hemlock.
Flowering plantLiriodendronPlantLiriodendron tulipifera

Question 4: [30] ________, Whip-poor-wills, and Downy Woodpeckers live in the drier pine-oak forests and heath balds.
WoodcreeperPasserineSharp-tailed StreamcreeperOvenbird (family)

Question 5: ________, either leisurely river tubing or in full whitewater, is common all summer.
EcotourismBackpacking (wilderness)RaftingAgritourism

Question 6: A string of Overhill villages, including Chota and ________, dotted the Little Tennessee valley north of Chilhowee.
Overhill CherokeeLittle Tennessee RiverTanasiVonore, Tennessee

Question 7: Two species of fox— the ________ and the gray fox— are found in the Smokies, with red foxes being documented at all elevations.
RaccoonRed FoxBobcatCoyote

Question 8:
What entity owns Great Smoky Mountains?
Apennine Mountains, Volsci Chain
Monashee Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
Mountain Bird, Inc.

Question 9:
Where does Great Smoky Mountains come from?
Great Britain
United States

Question 10: [25] European ________, introduced as game animals in the early 1900s, thrive in Southern Appalachia but are considered a nuisance due to their tendency to root up and destroy plants.
ElkDeerWild boarCattle

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