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Question 1: With the end of the Civil War, the country experienced feverish, unregulated growth, especially in the railroad industry, with the government giving massive land grants and ________ to railroad companies[2].
Dumping (pricing policy)Market failureSupply and demandSubsidy

Question 2: The railroads, then the second largest employer outside of ________, required large amounts of capital investment, and thus entailed massive financial risk.
Intensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farming

Question 3: On July 21, disgruntled workers in ________, Illinois, halted all freight traffic, with the city remaining in the control of the strikers for almost a week.
St. Clair County, IllinoisBelleville, IllinoisEast St. Louis, IllinoisCollinsville, Illinois

Question 4: ________ fed large amounts of money into the industry, causing abnormal growth and over expansion.
Efficient-market hypothesisShort (finance)SpeculationStock market

Question 5: In response, the ________ sputtered and then collapsed.
United States dollarEconomy of the United StatesUnited StatesEnergy policy of the United States

Question 6: Nonetheless, his request came to pass on July 21, when militiamen ________ and fired on rock-throwing strikers, killing twenty people and wounding twenty-nine others.
United StatesTrench knifeM16 rifleBayonet

Question 7: In his 1878 book Strikers, Communists, Tramps and Detectives, ________ blamed the unrest on a combination of Paris Commune proponents and the high degree of transiency of the American working class at the time.
Jesse JamesUnited StatesAllan PinkertonPinkerton National Detective Agency

Question 8: ________: While there was some union activity, especially from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, many of the strikers had yet to organize.
Trade unionSlaveryHuman rightsUniversal suffrage

Question 9: In sympathy, coal miners in the pits at Braidwood, ________, Springfield, and Carbondale went on strike as well.
LaSalle (automobile)ChevroletCadillacGeneral Motors

Question 10: [8] In 1884, the B&O became the first major employer to offer a ________.
Defined benefit pension planPensionInsuranceFinancial adviser


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