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Great Offices of State: Quiz


Question 1: ________: Home Secretary (2007–2009)
Alan JohnsonJohn Reid (politician)Jacqui SmithJack Straw

Question 2: [1] They are the Prime Minister, the ________, the Foreign Secretary and the Home Secretary.
Chancellor of the ExchequerHarold MacmillanWinston ChurchillGordon Brown

Question 3: ________ and Sir John Simon served as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary.
Winston ChurchillJames CallaghanHarold MacmillanRab Butler

Question 4: ________: Prime Minister (1979–1990)
Ronald ReaganWinston ChurchillMargaret ThatcherHarold Macmillan

Question 5: Following the reshuffle in 2007, on ________'s becoming Prime Minister, it was announced that in future the Secretary of State for Justice (and therefore also the Lord Chancellor) would be chosen from the Commons.
Gordon BrownJames CallaghanTony BlairHugh Gaitskell

Question 6: Because of how politics in the United Kingdom is structured, with the House of Commons retaining most of the power, it is accepted that it is no longer practical for one of the holders of the Great Offices of State to be a member of the ________.
House of LordsParliament of the United KingdomPolitics of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 7: The Great Offices of State in the ________ are the four most senior and prestigious posts in the British parliamentary system of government.
CanadaEnglandUnited KingdomWales

Question 8: ________: Foreign Secretary (2006–2007)
Ramsay MacDonaldMargaret BeckettJames CallaghanGeorge Brown, Baron George-Brown

Question 9: ________ is the only person to date to have served in all four positions.
James CallaghanRab ButlerGordon BrownArthur Henderson

Question 10: [1][2][3] Since 5 June 2009, these posts are held by Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, David Miliband and ________ respectively.
Kenneth ClarkeJack StrawDavid BlunkettAlan Johnson


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