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Great Moravia: Quiz


Question 1: ________, the second center of the Empire, was ruled autonomously by the heir of the dynasty as an appanage.
Horné LefantovceVrábleNitraNitra Region

Question 2: Social differentiation in Great Moravia reached the state of early ________, creating the social basis for development of later medieval states in the region.

Question 3: In 999 it was taken over by Poland under ________ and returned to Bohemia in 1019.
History of PolandBolesław I ChrobryMieszko II LambertMieszko I of Poland

Question 4: Great Moravia was often mentioned as Sclavonia in the primary sources and this denomination may have survived the fall of the empire in the name of ________ (a territory south of the Danube) until the 20th century.

Question 5: [4] In general, Slavs used cavalry rarely, which made them particularly vulnerable to the Magyar ________.
CrossbowMounted archeryComposite bowBow shape

Question 6: in Bratislava, Devín Castle, and Nitra) were decorated by ________, plausibly painted by Italian masters since the chemical composition of colors was the same as in northern Italy.

Question 7: ________ had a stone two-story palace and a spacious three-nave basilica, built in the mid-9th century.
Bratislava CastleHungaryAustriaSlovakia

Question 8: Its remnants were divided between Poland, Hungary, ________ and the Holy Roman Empire.
Czech RepublicPragueMoraviaBohemia

Question 9: [48] In 942, Magyar warriors captured in ________ said that Moravia is the northern neighbor of their people.
Islamic Golden AgeIslamic contributions to Medieval EuropeHispaniaAl-Andalus

Question 10: Rastislav asked the Byzantine Emperor ________ to send teachers who would interpret Christianity in the Slavic vernacular.
Michael IIITheophilos (emperor)Basil IIBasil I

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