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Great French War: Quiz


Question 1: The Jacobins were in turn overthrown and an Executive Directory set up, eventually also giving way to the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte—first as First Consul then as ________.
EmperorMonarchPrinceByzantine Empire

Question 2: Irish Rebellion of 1798________
First CoalitionExpédition d'IrlandeHaitian RevolutionFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 3: Nowadays, historians commonly recognize a split between the ________ and the Napoleonic Wars.
French Revolutionary ArmyFrench Revolutionary WarsGreat French WarFirst Coalition

Question 4: Some colonial possessions changed hands permanently, with crucial implications for their later history, such as ________.
MauritiusCanadaSouth AfricaSierra Leone

Question 5: The conflict began when France declared war on Austria following a gradual increase in tensions following the ________ in 1789.
French DirectoryFrench RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyNational Convention

Question 6: The wars continued through several régime changes in France (beginning with the deposition of King Louis XVI in 1792 and continuing through the Terror instigated by the Jacobins under ________).
Louis Antoine de Saint-JustNational ConventionFrench RevolutionMaximilien Robespierre


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