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Great Fire of Rome: Quiz


Question 1: [2] The only other contemporaneous historian to mention the fire was ________, who wrote about it in passing.
Pliny the ElderCastraRoman EmpireRoman Navy

Question 2: The Great Fire of Rome (Latin: Magnum Incendium Romae) was a large fire that struck ________ in AD 64.
Classical antiquityRoman EmpireRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 3: [5] Other historians who lived through the period (including ________, Plutarch, and Epictetus) make no mention of it.
GreecePlatoDio ChrysostomCynic

Question 4: [17] To diffuse blame, Nero targeted the ________.
ChristianCatholic ChurchJesusChristianity

Question 5: [9] Tacitus said that Nero's playing his ________ and singing while the city burned was only a rumor.
HarpKemencheByzantine lyraLyre

Question 6: [2] Also destroyed were ________'s palace, the Temple of Jupiter Stator and the hearth in the Temple of Vesta.

Question 7: According to the historian ________, the fire started on the night of 18 July, among the shops clustered around the Circus Maximus.
VespasianTacitusRoman EmpireDomitian

Question 8: [9] Popular legend remembers Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned, but this is an ________ as the instrument was invented a thousand years later.
2000s (decade)ItalyAnachronismUnited States

Question 9: [11] Nero also built a new palace complex known as the ________ in an area cleared by the fire.
Ancient RomeRoman EmpirePantheon, RomeDomus Aurea

Question 10: According to ________, it spread quickly and burned for five and a half days.
TacitusVespasianDomitianRoman Empire

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