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Question 1: The Museum of London website claims that there was a connection,[60] while historian ________ points out that the fire left the most insalubrious parts of London, the slum suburbs, untouched.
Christ's College, CambridgeUniversity College LondonRoy PorterSimon Schama

Question 2: Making a stand with his firefighters from the Fleet Bridge and down to the Thames, James hoped that the ________ would form a natural firebreak.
River FleetWalbrookFarringdon RoadLondon

Question 3: The use of the major firefighting technique of the time, the creation of firebreaks by means of demolition, was critically delayed due to the indecisiveness of the ________, Sir Thomas Bloodworth.
City of London CorporationCity of LondonLord Mayor of LondonCity of Westminster

Question 4: Apart from Wren and Evelyn, it is known that ________, Valentine Knight and Richard Newcourt proposed rebuilding plans.
Robert HookeChristopher WrenScientific revolutionEngland

Question 5: By Sunday afternoon, 18 hours after the alarm was raised in Pudding Lane, the fire had become a raging ________ which created its own weather.
Coventry BlitzFirestormStrategic bombing during World War IIFirebombing

Question 6: [32] The spread to the south was in the main halted by the river, but had torched the houses on London Bridge, and was threatening to cross the bridge and endanger the borough of ________ on the south bank of the river.

Question 7: Building with wood and roofing with ________ had been prohibited for centuries, but these cheap materials continued to be used.
JapanThatchingUnited KingdomLondon

Question 8: Wealthy people preferred to live at a convenient distance from the traffic-clogged, polluted, unhealthy City, especially after it was hit by a devastating outbreak of ________ in the Plague Year of 1665.
BrucellosisBubonic plaguePlague (disease)Cholera

Question 9: Within half an hour, the ________ roof was melting, and the books and papers in the crypt caught with a roar.

Question 10: [5] Comparing London to the ________ magnificence of Paris, John Evelyn called it a "wooden, northern, and inartificial congestion of Houses," and expressed alarm about the fire hazard posed by the wood and about the congestion.
MannerismRenaissanceWestern art historyBaroque


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