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Question 1: The impassibility of the swamp was an obstacle during the so-called Toledo War (1835–36); unable to get through the swamp, the ________ and Ohio militias never came to battle.
FloridaNew JerseyMichiganIndiana

Question 2: The development of ________ and a local drainage tile industry are thought to have contributed greatly to drainage and settlement (Kaatz, 1955).
Rail transportTrain stationTrainTransport

Question 3: Settlement of the region was also inhibited by endemic ________.
AIDSMalariaPlasmodium falciparumBabesiosis

Question 4: In slightly higher areas with some topographic relief and better drainage, beech, maples, ________, tuliptree and other more mesic species were dominant.
Tilia americanaTilia cordataEuropeTilia

Question 5: In the lowest, flattest areas, prone to permanent inundation, ________ swamp forests predominated, characterized especially by species of ash, elm, cottonwood and sycamore.
DeciduousLeafAutumn leaf colorPlant

Question 6: The area contained non-forested wetlands, particularly marsh and wet ________, with marshes being particularly extensive along the Lake Erie shoreline between Toledo and Sandusky.

Question 7: The area was not continuous swamp, but rather characterized by a variety of ________ types (Sampson, 1930; Kaatz, 1955).
VegetationEcological successionEcosystemFire ecology

Question 8: Comprised of extensive swamps and marshes, with some higher, drier ground interspersed, it occupied what was formerly the southwestern part of Glacial Lake Maumee, a holocene precursor to ________.
Great LakesLake SuperiorLake OntarioLake Erie

Question 9: On elevated beach ridges and moraines with good to excessive drainage, more xeric species, especially oak and ________, were dominant.
HickoryWalnutCarya ovataPecan

Question 10: Its historical boundaries lie primarily within the watersheds of the Maumee, Auglaize, and Portage ________ in northwest Ohio.
StreamEstuaryRiverRiver delta

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