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Question 1: [1][2] ________ labeled it one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.
HLN (TV channel)Fox News ChannelCNN en EspañolCNN

Question 2:
What type is thing is Great Barrier Reef?
Natural cold springs
Nine-cylinder single-row naturally-aspirated air-cooled radial engine
natural, reservoir

Question 3: ________, pollution, crown-of-thorns starfish and fishing are the primary threats to the health of this reef system.
Current sea level riseLittle Ice AgeClimate changeMilankovitch cycles

Question 4: The unsustainable overfishing of keystone species, such as the Giant Triton, can disrupt ________ vital to reef life.
HerbivoreCarnivorePredationFood chain

Question 5: ________ are found in the southern Great Barrier Reef, and further north, off the coast of Princess Charlotte Bay.
Coral reefSalt marshTide poolEstuary

Question 6: Fishing also impacts the reef through increased water pollution from boats, by-catch of unwanted species (such as dolphins and turtles) and habitat destruction from trawling, ________ and nets.
AnchorHawserDeck (ship)Hawsehole

Question 7: [57][58][59] It is thought that the poor water quality is due to increased light and oxygen competition from ________.
AlgaePlantPhotosynthesisWild fisheries

Question 8: ________ are the most common shape of reef in the middle of the system, for example the reefs surrounding Lizard Island.
Coral reefTide poolEstuarySalt marsh

Question 9: ________ Research Publications
AustraliaQueenslandGreat Barrier Reef Marine ParkTorres Strait Islands

Question 10: The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area has been divided into 70 ________,[25] of which 30 are reef bioregions.
EcologyEcoregionNatural environmentNature


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