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Graydon Creed: Quiz


Question 1: Before they leave the X-Men outside set up a ________ projector displaying Xavier's profile on the mutant Sabretooth, real name: Graydon Creed, Senior.
High dynamic range imagingPhotographyHolographyRGB color model

Question 2: Graydon Creed is a ________ created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brandon Peterson.
SatirePoetryCharacter (arts)Novel

Question 3: The real-life ________ Frank Collin served as the inspiration for the fictional Graydon Creed character.
Neo-NazismNazismNeo-fascismThird Position

Question 4: The character is an enemy of the X-Men and first appeared in ________ #299 (April 1993).
DeadpoolAlpha FlightUncanny X-MenCable (comics)

Question 5: After Magneto's takeover of Genosha, Graydon Creed rose to prominence as an anti-mutant activist, becoming friends with vice-president ________.
Stan LeeBolivar TraskArcade (comics)Iceman (comics)

Question 6: He was also a member of the Upstarts, a group of well-connected murderous youths who were being manipulated by the ________ Gamesmaster for his own amusement.
Extrasensory perceptionClairvoyanceCold readingTelepathy

Question 7: His prominence was short-lived as Magneto (who compared Graydon Creed to ________) viewed it as his duty to rid the world of the man.
Nazi PartyNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

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