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Question 1: However, the strength of the spring must be ________ by placing the instrument in a location with a known gravitational acceleration.
CalibrationCertified reference materialsMicrophoneMetrology

Question 2: The first transportable relative gravimeters were, reportedly, a secret military technology developed in the 1950-60s as a navigational aid for ________.
Akula class submarineNuclear submarineVictor class submarineNuclear marine propulsion

Question 3: Absolute gravimeters, which nowadays are made compact so they too can be used in the field, work by directly measuring the acceleration of a mass during ________ in a vacuum, when the accelerometer is rigidly attached to the ground.
Free fallParachuteJoseph KittingerEquivalence principle

Question 4: Transportable relative gravimeters also exist, they employ an extremely stable ________ to compensate for the masking effects of motion and vibration, a difficult engineering feat.
Global Positioning SystemGlass cockpitInertial navigation systemCompass

Question 5: This sensitivity means that gravimeters are susceptible to extraneous vibrations including ________ that tend to cause oscillatory accelerations.
NoiseNoise (video)Noise (electronics)Noise measurement

Question 6: Subsequently in the 1980s, transportable relative gravimeters were ________ by the civilian sector for use on ship, then in air and finally satellite borne gravity surveys.
Embedded systemReverse engineeringComputer softwareClean room design

Question 7: They are used in gravity surveys over large areas for establishing the figure of the ________ over those areas.
GeodesyPhysical geodesyGeoidWorld Geodetic System

Question 8: A gravimeter is a type of accelerometer, specialized for measuring the constant downward ________.
History of gravitational theoryGravitationGeneral relativityIntroduction to general relativity

Question 9: The mass includes a ________ and terminates one arm of a Michelson interferometer.
HeadlampGlobal Positioning SystemRetroreflectorHead-up display

Question 10: Gravimeters are used for petroleum and mineral prospecting, seismology, ________, geophysical surveys and other geophysical research.
EarthWorld Geodetic SystemGeologyGeodesy


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