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Gravemind: Quiz


Question 1:
Gravemind was part of which series?
Springfield won series 4 u2013 2
All My Children
Yoko Tsuno

Question 2: [17] Staff from GamesRadar singled out the appearance of the Gravemind as a sign the Halo series had ________.
Fonzie8 Simple RulesJumping the sharkSituation comedy

Question 3: [10] Gravemind resembles a large ________ with many tentacles, but is capable of movement and linguistic communication via its large mouth formed from overlapping fleshy 'leaves'.
NepenthesCarnivorous plantVenus FlytrapCephalotus

Question 4: The character is voiced by ________.
Mike, Lu & OgDee Bradley BakerWhatever Happened to Robot Jones?Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Question 5: [8] In a more strategic move, Gravemind uses logic to sway the Forerunner's own ________, Mendicant Bias, to his side.
René DescartesKarl PopperDaniel DennettArtificial intelligence

Question 6: Though an animal, the Gravemind's somewhat plantlike appearance has drawn comparisons to Audrey II from the ________ Little Shop of Horrors due to the tentacles about a central mouth.
1989 in film1987 in film1986 in film1988 in film

Question 7: The character was designed by a ________ team including artists Robert McLees and Juan Ramirez, and slowly developed into a massive creature with tentacles and a frightening level of intelligence.
BungieXbox LiveMicrosoft Game StudiosRare (company)

Question 8: His Flood infest the human ship In Amber Clad and makes a ________ jump into High Charity itself, in an effort to use the station to escape the confines of Halo.
Parallel universe (fiction)Slipstream (science fiction)Hyperspace (science fiction)Cyberpunk

Question 9: ________, who was left behind to destroy High Charity if Halo was activated.
Halo: Combat EvolvedCortanaHalo 3Master Chief (Halo)

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