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Gravedigger: Quiz


Question 1: Peter Green left the band ________ to become a gravedigger.
Lindsey BuckinghamStevie NicksFleetwood MacChristine McVie

Question 2: Blues musician James "Sonny Ford" Thomas worked as a gravedigger during his youth in ________.
Georgia (U.S. state)MississippiAlabamaFlorida

Question 3: Because of their association with the subject of ________, gravediggers have made notable appearances in literature.
DeathBurialDeath and cultureImmortality

Question 4: Fossor (plural Fossors) or Fossarius (plural Fossarii), from the Latin verb fodere 'to dig', referred to grave diggers in the Roman catacombs in the first three or four centuries of the ________ Era.
Catholic ChurchChristianJesusChristianity

Question 5: Blues musician John Jackson worked as a gravedigger in ________.
Fairfax, VirginiaFairfax County, VirginiaBailey's Crossroads, VirginiaVienna, Virginia

Question 6: ________ of the British punk band The Clash was at one time a gravedigger.
The Clash (album)The MescalerosLondon Calling (song)Joe Strummer

Question 7: This article incorporates text from the public-domain ________ of 1913. Fossors
Catholic EncyclopediaCatholic ChurchUnited StatesPope John Paul II

Question 8: In ________, gravedigging was one of the "unclean" professions historically allotted to the burakumin class.
CanadaUnited KingdomJapanCambodia

Question 9: Singer ________ was employed briefly as a gravedigger.
Coast to Coast: Overture and BeginnersRod Stewart discographyRod StewartUnplugged...and Seated

Question 10: A gravedigger is a cemetery worker responsible for digging graves used in the process of ________.
CremationBurialDeathDeath and culture


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