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Grass Mud Horse: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Grass Mud Horse have?
The Grass Is Greener
Grass Mud Horse
The Grass Is Blue
Snob in the Grass

Question 2: The name is derived from a profanity (Chinese: ________: cào ), which translates to "fuck your mother".
PinyinISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO/IEC 8859-3

Question 3: Videos, cartoons and merchandise of this animal, which apparently resembles the ________, have appeared, and it has since received worldwide press attention.

Question 4: The ________ earned a number of photoshopped parodies, including one with an alpaca's outline in the smoke.
Baidu 10 Mythical CreaturesChina Central TelevisionBeijing Television Cultural Center fireChina Central Television Headquarters building

Question 5: Yazhou Zhoukan (亞洲周刊) reported that netizens also created a new ________ by fusioning the three Chinese character radicals for grass, mud and horse.
Chinese languageChinese characterKanjiSimplified Chinese characters

Question 6: The Grass Mud Horse is said to be the dominant species which lives within the Mahler ________, and thus the alternate name for the region is called cǎo ní mǎ Gēbì (草泥马戈壁, "Grass Mud Horse Gobi Desert").
Taklamakan DesertNamib DesertGobi DesertOrdos Desert

Question 7: Music videos,[5][6] as well as "documentaries"[7] and cartoons about "Grass Mud Horse" started appearing on ________ and elsewhere on the internet.
Google searchGoogle VideosYouTubeGoogle

Question 8: Grass-mud horse song with English subtitles at ________
Google VideosGoogle searchYouTubeGoogle

Question 9: Caonima reappeared as a subject of online cartoon satire following the announcement of the ________ pornography blocking software project.
Microsoft WindowsGreen Dam Youth EscortMozilla FirefoxChengdu

Question 10: CNN explains the grass-mud horse at ________
Google VideosYouTubeGoogle searchGoogle


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