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Question 1: In art, "graphics" is often used to distinguish work in a monotone and made up of lines, as opposed to ________.
Symbolism (arts)PaintingModernismRomanticism

Question 2: Etching is an intaglio method of ________ in which the image is incised into the surface of a metal plate using an acid.
WoodcutPrintmakingVisual artsIntaglio (printmaking)

Question 3: In the mid-1960s, large computer graphics research projects were begun at MIT, General Motors, ________, and Lockheed Corporation.
Bell LabsBell SystemAmerican Telephone & TelegraphWestern Electric

Question 4: An illustration is a visual representation such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of ________ that stresses subject more than form.

Question 5: 3D graphics became more popular in the 1990s in gaming, multimedia and ________.
Stop motionAnimated cartoonTraditional animationAnimation

Question 6: Modern computer systems, dating from the 1980s and onwards, often use a ________ (GUI) to present data and information with symbols, icons and pictures, rather than text.
Widget toolkitGraphical user interfaceDesktop environmentX Window System

Question 7: Modern web graphics can be made with software such as ________, the GIMP, or Corel Paint Shop Pro.
Adobe Photoshop ElementsAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Flash

Question 8: Since then, computer graphics have become more accurate and detailed, due to more advanced computers and better 3D modeling software applications, such as Maya (software), ________, and Cinema 4D.
Autodesk SoftimageK-3DAutodesk 3ds Max3D computer graphics software

Question 9: ________ may consist of the deliberate selection, creation, or arrangement of typography alone, as in a brochure, flier, poster, web site, or book without any other element.
Visualization (computer graphics)Computer graphicsIllustrationGraphic design

Question 10: Even in the early days of photography, there was controversy over photographs of enacted scenes that were presented as 'real life' (especially in ________, where it can be very difficult to record the original events).
War photographyRobert CapaFelice BeatoPhotojournalism

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