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Question 1: In 1987 the well-known second follow-up Shadowgate was released, and ________ also entered the field with Maniac Mansion - a point-and-click adventure that gained a strong following.
LucasArtsStar Wars: The Clone Wars (film)LucasfilmStar Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV series)

Question 2: A sequel to myst, entitled Myst III: Exile, was released to the ________; unlike the first game, Exile uses an RPG format.
Xbox 360Xbox LiveMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox

Question 3: Another famous point-and-click graphic adventure game was ________'s Policenauts (1994).
Metal Gear 2: Solid SnakeHideo KojimaMetal Gear SolidMetal Gear (series)

Question 4: Graphic adventure games were quick to take advantage of the storage possibilities of the ________ medium and the power of the Macromedia Director multimedia-production software.
Compact DiscOptical disc driveOptical discCD-ROM

Question 5: In 1993, ________, a sequel to Maniac Mansion, was released.
Escape from Monkey IslandSam & Max Hit the RoadManiac Mansion: Day of the TentacleThe Secret of Monkey Island

Question 6: In 1984 a new kind of adventure games emerged following the launch of the ________ with its point-and-click interface.
MacintoshPower Macintosh G3PowerBookMacintosh hardware

Question 7: It marked a major shift for Sierra, having used a text ________ for their adventure games akin to text adventures.
ParsingCompilerCompiler-compilerBottom-up parsing

Question 8: A sequel to Myst was later published, known as ________.
Myst III: ExileRivenMyst (series)Myst IV: Revelation

Question 9: By 1993, ________ represented a major milestone for graphical adventure games.
Myst III: ExileMystMyst (series)Riven

Question 10: The graphic adventure genre has seen a rebirth with the introduction of new videogame hardware like the ________, and Wii, that allows the gamer to interact with the game in new and innovative ways.
Nintendo DSiNintendo DS LiteNintendo DSNintendo DSi XL


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