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Question 1: Anthocyanins tend to be the main polyphenolics in purple grapes whereas flavan-3-ols (e.g., ________) are the more abundant phenolic in white varieties.

Question 2: decreased activity of ________, a systemic hormone causing blood vessel constriction that would elevate blood pressure
AngiotensinHuman physiologyVasodilationRenin-angiotensin system

Question 3: The domestication of purple grapes originated in what is now southern ________.
Turkish peopleCroatiaCyprusTurkey

Question 4: ________, one of the earliest domesticated microorganisms, occurs naturally on the skins of grapes, leading to the innovation of alcoholic drinks such as wine.

Question 5: Wines produced from ________ grapes may contain more than 40 mg/L, an exceptional phenolic content.
MuscadineChampagne (wine)Cabernet SauvignonZinfandel

Question 6: Native to the Southeastern United States from ________ to the Gulf of Mexico.
ConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMaryland

Question 7: Later, the growing of grapes spread to ________, North Africa, and eventually North America.
Eastern EuropeEuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 8: Most grapes come from cultivars of ________, the European grapevine native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia.
PhylloxeraInternational Grape Genome ProgramVitis viniferaViticulture

Question 9: Commercially cultivated grapes can usually be classified as either table or wine grapes, based on their intended method of consumption: eaten raw (table grapes) or used to make ________ (wine grapes).
Chilean wineNew Zealand wineWineChardonnay

Question 10: According to the ________ (FAO), 75,866 square kilometres of the world are dedicated to grapes.
AzerbaijanFood and Agriculture OrganizationCyprusUniversal Postal Union


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