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Granule cell: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, olfactory bulb granule cells are GABAergic and axonless, while granule cells in the dentate gyrus have glutamatergic projection ________.
NeuronAxonNervous systemSchwann cell

Question 2: Cerebellar granule cells account for nearly half of the neurons in the ________.
Central nervous systemWhite matterGrey matterAlpha motor neuron

Question 3: In ________, granule cells refer to tiny neurons (a type of cell) that are around 10 micrometres in diameter.
NeurolinguisticsPsychologyCognitive neuroscienceNeuroscience

Question 4: Layer 4 granule cells of the cerebral cortex receive driving inputs from ________ and convey driving inputs largely to supragranular layers 2-3, but also to infragranular layers of the cerebral cortex.
Subthalamic nucleusVentral posterolateral nucleusThalamusDentatothalamic tract

Question 5: ________ (axon hillock, axon terminals, axoplasm, axolemma, neurofibril/neurofilament)
Nervous systemAxonSchwann cellNeuron


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