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Granular synthesis: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Pd) graphical programming language for real-time audio and video
Max (software)FreeBSDComputer musicPure Data

Question 2: Chaosynth cellular automata granular synthesizer by ________ (Mac OS X, Windows)
Algorithmic compositionEduardo Reck MirandaComputer musicBrain–computer interface

Question 3: ________ programming language for real time audio synthesis
SuperColliderLinuxEmacsPython (programming language)

Question 4: Vocal Modeler special vocal effect for ________ that uses granular synthesis (Mac OS X, Windows)
Guitar RigReaktorAkoustik PianoKontakt (software)

Question 5: ________ researched how human beings communicate and hear.
Charles Hard TownesDennis GaborEugene WignerJohn Bardeen

Question 6: The result of his investigations was the theory of granular synthesis, although Greek composer ________ claimed that he was actually the first inventor of this synthesis technique.
Iannis XenakisTōru TakemitsuOlivier MessiaenKarlheinz Stockhausen

Question 7: ________ graphical authoring software for real-time audio and video
Electronic musicMac OS XMax (software)Pure Data

Question 8: White FX a granular effect for ________ (Mac OS X, Windows)
Kontakt (software)ReaktorAkoustik PianoGuitar Rig

Question 9: ________ visual programming environment for sampling, granular sampling, sequencing and modular synthesis
Guitar RigKontakt (software)Akoustik PianoReaktor


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