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Question 1: Depending on the average energy of the individual grains they may exhibit the properties of solids, ________, or gases.
Phase transitionLiquidSupercritical fluidColloid

Question 2: On the upper size limit, the physics of granular materials may be applied to ice floes where the individual grains are icebergs and to ________ of the solar system with individual grains being asteroids.
Ceres (dwarf planet)Asteroid beltKuiper beltComet

Question 3: Granular materials are commercially important in applications as diverse as pharmaceutical industry, ________, and energy production.
AgricultureOrganic farmingSustainable agricultureIntensive farming

Question 4: ________ is almost impossible to achieve in granular materials
Drag (physics)Reynolds numberTurbulenceFluid dynamics

Question 5: Some examples of granular materials are nuts, coal, sand, rice, coffee, corn flakes, fertilizer, and ________.
Thrust bearingRolling-element bearingBearing (mechanical)Ball bearing

Question 6: In some sense, granular materials do not constitute a single ________ but have flow characteristics that roughly resemble those of ordinary Newtonian fluids.
LiquidPhase (matter)Triple pointSolid

Question 7: Research into granular materials is thus directly applicable and goes back at least to ________, whose law of friction was originally stated for granular materials.
Michael FaradayBlaise PascalAndré-Marie AmpèreCharles-Augustin de Coulomb

Question 8: Powders are a special class of granular material due to their small particle size, which makes them more cohesive and more easily suspended in a ________.
GasSpecific heat capacityThermodynamic temperatureTemperature

Question 9: A granular material is a conglomeration of discrete solid, macroscopic particles characterized by a loss of energy whenever the particles interact (the most common example would be ________ when grains collide).
Drag (physics)Lift (force)FrictionForce


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