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Question 1: This is also the explanation advanced by the ________ role-playing game, which supposes that Time is like a stream; you can dam it, divert it, or block it, but the overall direction it is headed will resume after a period of conflict.
TorchwoodCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 2: See the ________ and Kip S. Thorne for one view on how backwards time travel could be possible without a danger of paradoxes.
Novikov self-consistency principlePredestination paradoxOntological paradoxGeneral relativity

Question 3: ________ is put forward as a hypothetical master theory that unifies the six superstring theories, although at present it is largely incomplete.
String (physics)M-theoryD-braneIntroduction to M-theory

Question 4: In laymen's terms, this is often called ________.
DeterminismImmanuel KantAristotleCausality

Question 5: An equivalent paradox is known (in ________) as autoinfanticide—that is going back in time and killing oneself as a baby—though when the word was first coined in a paper by Paul Horwich he used the term autofanticide.
AristotlePolitical philosophyDavid HumePhilosophy

Question 6: This theory also assumes that ________ must be constant: i.e.
Immanuel KantDeterminismAristotleCausality

Question 7: Very commonly in fiction, the time traveller does not merely fail to prevent the actions he seeks to prevent; he in fact precipitates them (see ________), usually by accident.
Predestination paradoxes in popular culturePredestination paradoxTemporal paradoxOntological paradox

Question 8: ________ - in which terminator machines from the future traveled to present time in order to kill the future resistance leader and his mother.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesTerminator video gamesTerminator (franchise)Terminator Salvation

Question 9: [3] See also ________.
Many-worlds interpretationSchrödinger's catQuantum suicide and immortalityQuantum mechanics

Question 10: The grandfather paradox is a proposed paradox of ________ first described (in this exact form) by the science fiction writer René Barjavel in his 1943 book Le Voyageur Imprudent (The Imprudent Traveller).
SpacetimeCausalityTime travelFuture


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