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Grand duke: Quiz


Question 1: In German, however, a Russian grand duke was known as a Großfürst, and in ________ as Magnus Princeps.
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

Question 2: In the Eastern Empire, a dux ranked just below a ________.

Question 3: A list of such is available at ________.
MonarchGrand dukeGrand duchyGrand prince

Question 4: Grand duke is also the usual and established translation of grand prince in languages which do not differentiate between ________ who are children of a monarch (e.g.
EmperorPrinceMonarchyRoyal and noble ranks

Question 5: From 1328 the Velikii Kniaz of Muscovy appeared as the grand duke for "all of Russia" until ________ in 1547 was crowned as Tsar.
Boris GodunovIvan IV of RussiaPeter I of RussiaAlexis of Russia

Question 6: From 1809 to 1917 the Emperor of ________ was also the Grand Duke of Finland, which he held as an autonomous state.
Russian cultureRussiaMoscowUnited States

Question 7: The territory of a grand duke is referred to as a ________.
MonarchGrand princeGrand duchyLuxembourg

Question 8: Grand duke is of a protocolary rank below a king but higher than a sovereign ________.

Question 9: This official title was granted by Pope Pius V in 1569, but the lands in question were under the vassalage of the ________.
Byzantine EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFranciaGerman Empire

Question 10: After the Russian conquests, it continued to be used by the Russian emperor in his role as ruler of ________ (1793–1918) and of autonomous Finland (1809–1917) as well.


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