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Question 1: The glaciated range is composed of a series of horns and arĂȘtes separated by U-shaped valleys headed by cirques and ended by moraines, making the Tetons a textbook example of alpine ________.
TopographyGeographic information systemDigital elevation modelTopographic map

Question 2: Wyoming Representative Frank A. Barrett introduced a bill to abolish the monument that passed both houses of Congress but was ________ by Roosevelt.
Abraham LincolnBill ClintonPocket vetoGeorge W. Bush

Question 3:

Question 4: Outwash plain areas are covered in a loose soil that doesn't hold moisture well and is therefore only able to support sparse ________ such as sagebrush and coarse grasses.
Fire ecologyVegetationEcological successionEcosystem

Question 5:
When was Grand Teton National Park established?

Question 6:

Question 7: Just to the south is Burned Ridge, the same glacier's terminal or end moraine, which runs down the center of Jackson Hole roughly perpendicular to the range and cut in two by the ________.
Columbia River GorgeSnake RiverColumbia RiverOregon Trail

Question 8: 5 species of Amphibians: Spotted Frog, Boreal Chorus Frog, Boreal Toad, Tiger Salamander, Northern Leopard Frog (believed to be locally extinct), and ________ (introduced just outside the park).
Asiatic toadDuttaphrynus melanostictusBullfrogTetrapod

Question 9: Another major route traversed the Teton Pass at the southern end of the range, providing a shortcut to the ________ region of what is now the United States.
Western United StatesBritish ColumbiaCanadaPacific Northwest

Question 10: One route followed the ________ to its source in the Yellowstone area where abundant obsidian could be found.
Columbia River GorgeColumbia RiverOregon TrailSnake River


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