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Grand Opera: Quiz


Question 1: This was fortunate for both Veron and Meyerbeer — as ________ commented, Meyerbeer had 'not only the luck to be talented, but the talent to be lucky'[3].
Hector BerliozFrédéric ChopinFranz LisztRichard Wagner

Question 2: Giuseppe Verdi returned to Paris for what many see as the greatest French grand opera, ________ (1867).
OtelloStiffelioNabuccoDon Carlos

Question 3: ________ was performed there regularly, and, in 1917, they devoted an entire season to these older works, including Halévy's La reine de Chypre.
Fromental HalévyLa JuiveLe Juif errant (opera)Guido et Ginevra

Question 4: The popular Faust (1859) by ________ started life as an opéra comique, and did not become a grand opera until rewritten in the 1860s.
Charles GounodLa reine de SabaMireille (opera)Roméo et Juliette

Question 5: Other works in this category include Polyeucte (Paris, 1878) by ________ and Henry VIII by Camille Saint-Saëns (Paris, 1883).
Roméo et JulietteFaust (opera)Charles GounodLa reine de Saba

Question 6: But his comfortable financial position, and the change in political climate after the ________, persuaded him to quit the field, and this was his last public composition.
July RevolutionCharles Maurice de Talleyrand-PérigordJuly MonarchyBourbon Restoration

Question 7: After the Revolution, the new regime determined to ________ the previously state-run Opéra and the winner of the contract was a businessman who acknowledged that he knew nothing of music, Veron.
PrivatizationPrivate finance initiativeDeregulationCapitalism

Question 8: Götterdämmerung, as noted by George Bernard Shaw[7], shows clear traces of some return by Wagner to the Grand Opera tradition, and a case could also be argued for ________[8].
Tristan und IsoldeDie Meistersinger von NürnbergParsifalRichard Wagner

Question 9: This tale of revolution set in ________ in 1647 (and ending with an eruption of Vesuvius into which the heroine precipitates herself), embodied the musical and scenic sensationalism which were to be Grand Opera's hallmark.

Question 10: La muette's reputation was enhanced by its being the touchpaper for a genuine revolution when it was produced in ________ in 1830.


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