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Question 1: The following month all members of the Romanov family still living in Petrograd were ordered to register with the dreaded ________, the Soviet secret police.
Vladimir LeninKGBChekaNKVD

Question 2: [3] In the Chevalier Guards he became known as ________ due to his simplicity.
Bathilde d'OrléansLouise Marie Adélaïde de BourbonLouis-Philippe I, King of the FrenchLouis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans

Question 3: In 1879, when he was twenty years old, he visited the court of his maternal uncle, Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden, and fell in love with his cousin, Princess ________.
Princess Ingeborg of DenmarkPrincess Margaret of ConnaughtGrand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1890–1958)Victoria of Baden

Question 4: Instead, he was sent to the southwest front facing the armies of the ________.
Austria–HungaryOttoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 5: [21] Stationed in ________ in August 1914, he moved later to Rovno.

Question 6: From his youth in the ________, Nicholas developed an interest in botany.
AsiaEuropeGeorgia (country)Caucasus

Question 7: His most valuable helper with his historical work was Constantine Brummer, his ________ since the earliest years of his military career who was his loyal friend until the end.
Aide-de-campHereditary peerRoyal Victorian OrderDistinguished Service Order

Question 8: A pessimistic man, Nicholas was increasingly worried about the political situation, particularly after the Russian defeat in the ________ in 1905 and the subsequent unrest.
Russo-Japanese WarFirst Sino-Japanese WarBoxer RebellionScramble for Africa

Question 9: The grand duke did not return to ________ until he freed himself from exile after the fall of the monarchy.
Leningrad OblastSaint PetersburgMoscowRussia

Question 10: At the outbreak of ________, Nicholas Mikhailovich joined the war effort with the formal title of aide de camp general, which was an honorific post.
Armenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignWorld War I

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