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Question 1: The Order was forced to become a branch of the ________ in Prussia.
Thirteen Years' War (1454–66)GermanyTeutonic KnightsHoly Roman Empire

Question 2: This can be seen in the case of ________, which was often brought into the Lithuanian sphere of influence and became an occasional dependency of Lithuania.
RussiaPskovVeliky NovgorodRiga

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  Ruins of Navahrudak Castle. Current state.
  St. George church (1487) in Kaunas
  The ruins of the Kaunas Castle
  The first printed book in Lithuanian language The Simple Words of Catechism (by Martynas Mažvydas). Book was dedicated to Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Question 4: After the baptism in 1252 and coronation of King Mindaugas in 1253, Lithuania was recognized as a Christian state until 1260, when Mindaugas supported an uprising in ________ and (according to the German order) renounced Christianity.
LatviaCourlandBaltic SeaEstonia

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Ruins of Navahrudak Castle. Current state.
  Vilnius University and the Church of St. John
  Balts in the 12th century
  Area of the Lithuanian language in the 16th century

Question 6: In 1321 Gediminas captured Kiev sending Stanislav, the last Rurikid to ever rule ________, into exile.

Question 7: Up until 1387, Lithuanian nobles professed their own religion, which was a ________ belief based on deification of natural phenomena.
Prehistoric religionPolytheismPaganismChristianity and Paganism

Question 8: The battle provided a break in the wars with the Knights and Lithuania exploited this situation, arranging attacks towards the Ruthenian provinces and annexing Navahrudak and ________.
Hrodna VoblastLidaSlonimHrodna

Question 9: The battle ended in a decisive Polish-Lithuanian victory against the ________.
GermanyTeutonic KnightsHoly Roman EmpireThirteen Years' War (1454–66)

Question 10: Others argue, that the ethnic and linguistic divisions amongst inhabitants of Ruthenia were not initiated by division of this area between Mongols and ________, and are older than the creation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.


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