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Grand Duchy of Finland: Quiz


Question 1: The constitutional status of Finland was not codified in Russian law before the February Manifesto of ________, by which time Finns and Russians had developed quite different ideas about the status of Finland.

Question 2: In 1906, the Diet, with its hereditary rather than universally elected representation, was dissolved and the modern ________ was established.
Parliament of FinlandElections in FinlandForeign relations of FinlandPolitics of Finland

Question 3: As one of the first regions in the world, Finland implemented ________ and eligibility, including both women and landless people.
Women's suffrageRacismSlaveryUniversal suffrage

Question 4: ________ - Kingdom of Poland (1815-1831), another constitutional monarchy within the Russian Empire
November UprisingWarsawCongress PolandPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Question 5: From 1863 onwards the ________ convened regularly.
Diet of FinlandFinnish parliamentary election, 1907Diet of PorvooGrand Duchy of Finland

Question 6: 1863–1898: thirty-five years of increased independence, including the re-establishment of the ________ and the elevation of Finnish from a language for the common people to a national language equal to Swedish.
Diet of FinlandFinnish parliamentary election, 1907Grand Duchy of FinlandDiet of Porvoo

Question 7: ________ (Russian: Выборгская губерния, Swedish: Viborgs län, Finnish: Viipurin lääni)
Kuopio ProvinceViipuri ProvinceKarelian IsthmusFinland

Question 8: ________ was elected the new monarch as king instead of grand duke, marking the new status of the nation, but he never reigned, as a republic was proclaimed.
Princess Margaret of PrussiaPrince Frederick Charles of HessePhilipp, Landgrave of HessePrince Wolfgang of Hesse

Question 9: In 1917, after the ________ in Russia, Finland's government worked towards securing and perhaps even increasing Finland's autonomy in domestic matters.
Russian Revolution (1917)February RevolutionRussian Provisional GovernmentVladimir Lenin

Question 10: 1899–1917: twenty years of attempted russification, ultimately unsuccessful and detrimental for Finland's relationship with the Russian Empire (and the ________ that was formed shortly afterwards).
Soviet UnionEast GermanyEastern BlocJoseph Stalin

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