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Question 1: In China, graffiti began with ________ in the 1920s who used revolutionary slogans and paintings in public places to galvanise the country's communist revolution.
Deng XiaopingZhou EnlaiMao ZedongChiang Kai-shek

Question 2: The earliest forms of graffiti date back to 30,000 BCE in the form of prehistoric ________ and pictographs using tools such as animal bones and pigments[3].
Karst topographyShow caveCave paintingCenote

Question 3: ________ hired artists to use reverse graffiti (the use of high pressure hoses to clean dirty surfaces in order to leave a clean image in the surrounding dirt) to increase awareness of their product.
Ararat (brandy)Steinway & SonsHouse of FabergéSmirnoff

Question 4: [28] Hollywood also paid attention, consulting writers like PHASE 2 as it depicted the culture and gave it international exposure in movies like ________ (Orion, 1984).
Afrika BambaataaB-boyingHip hopBeat Street

Question 5: TAKI 183 was a youth from ________ who worked as a foot messenger.
Hudson Heights (Manhattan)Inwood, ManhattanHarlemWashington Heights, Manhattan

Question 6: [47] The Israeli West Bank barrier has become a site for graffiti, reminiscent in this sense of the ________.
Berlin WallSolidarity (Polish trade union)Helmut KohlMikhail Gorbachev

Question 7: Shortly after the death of ________ (nicknamed "Yardbird" or "Bird"), graffiti began appearing around New York with the words "Bird Lives".
JazzCharlie ParkerDuke EllingtonMiles Davis

Question 8: In ancient times graffiti was carved on walls with a sharp object, although sometimes chalk or ________ were used.
HydroelectricityGrid energy storageCoalWind power

Question 9: The ________ was also extensively covered by Graffiti reflecting social pressures relating to the oppressive Soviet rule over the GDR.
Mikhail GorbachevSolidarity (Polish trade union)Berlin WallHelmut Kohl

Question 10: ________ would abandon his SAMO tag for art galleries, and even street art's connections to hip hop would loosen.
Graffiti terminologyStencil graffitiJean-Michel BasquiatWheatpaste

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