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Question 1: This follows the ________ function rather than the tangent function and this method diverges from the "rise over run" method as angles start getting larger (see small-angle formula).
Trigonometric functionsTrigonometryPythagorean theoremGenerating trigonometric tables

Question 2: 5.6% (1 in 18) - Flåm, ________.
GermanyUnited StatesPolandNorway

Question 3: In ________ applications and physical geography, the slope is a special case of the gradient of calculus calculated along a particular direction of interest which is normally the route of a highway or railway road bed.
Structural engineeringElectrical engineeringCivil engineeringEnvironmental engineering

Question 4: Steep gradients were concentrated in short sections of lines where it was convenient to employ assistant engines or cable haulage, such as from Euston to ________, about 8 km.
HampsteadCamden TownKentish TownHolborn

Question 5: 9.0 % - Ligne de Saint Gervais - Vallorcine, ________
CanadaItalyUnited KingdomFrance

Question 6: Steep gradients limit the size of load that a ________ can haul, including the weight of the locomotive itself.
TrainSteam locomotiveLocomotiveRail transport

Question 7: La route des Crêtes, Cassis, ________
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 8: In vehicular engineering, various land-based designs (cars, ________, trucks, trains, etc.) are rated for their ability to ascend terrain.
Ford Focus (international)Four-wheel driveStation wagonSport utility vehicle

Question 9: 11.6 % - Pöstlingbergbahn, Linz, ________
AustriaCzech RepublicHungaryPoland

Question 10: 13.5 % - ________ tram, Portugal


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