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Question 1: [3] Candidates are elected by ________ and run on a ticket with a candidate for the office of lieutenant governor.
ReferendumElectoral reformElectionGerrymandering

Question 2: Unlike the U.S. President, however, the governor does not have the option of a ________.
Bill ClintonGeorge W. BushAbraham LincolnPocket veto

Question 3: He or she is also granted the privilege of a ________.
United StatesNorth CarolinaLine-item vetoNew Hampshire

Question 4: The governor exercises traditional ________ power, which can be overridden by a majority of both houses of the General Assembly.
United StatesHungaryUnited States CongressVeto

Question 5: ________, who held the office from 1983 to 1987, was the only woman to serve as governor of Kentucky and only the third woman to serve as governor of any U.S.
Julian CarrollWendell H. FordMartha Layne CollinsPaul E. Patton

Question 6: While this government never successfully displaced the government in Frankfort, two men were elected governor of the Confederate government: George W. Johnson and, on Johnson's death, ________.
Richard HawesGeorge W. Johnson (governor)John J. CrittendenSimon Bolivar Buckner

Question 7: As with all other elected offices in the state, the Constitution prohibits anyone from serving as governor who has in any way been participant in a ________ and the governor's oath of office to this day includes swearing that the governor-elect has not participated in a duel.
United StatesLouisianaDuelHawaii

Question 8: During the Civil War, a group of Confederate sympathizers met at the ________ to form a Confederate government for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Battle of Mill SpringsWestern Theater of the American Civil WarConfederate government of KentuckyBattle of Perryville

Question 9: ________, who was elected to the office in the disputed election of 1899, remains the only governor of any U.S.
Augustus E. WillsonWilliam S. TaylorJ. C. W. BeckhamWilliam Goebel

Question 10: He or she is granted the traditional executive power of ________ except in cases of impeachment or treason.
PardonJury trialCapital punishmentDouble jeopardy


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