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Question 1:
What is the native name for First French Empire
Territoire franu00E7ais des Afars et des Issas
Empire Franu00E7ais
Parlement franu00E7ais
Togoland franu00E7ais

Question 2: They are also sometimes used to push controversial legislation through, such as when Prime Minister ________ created new forms of work contracts in 2005[16].
Alain JuppéArmand FallièresDominique de VillepinGaston Doumergue

Question 3:
Where does National Convention come from?

Question 4: The burden of proof in criminal proceedings is on the ________, and the accused is constitutionally presumed innocent until proven guilty.
LawyerScots lawProsecutorUnited States

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of French Third Republic?

Question 6:
What is the capital of Second French Empire?

Question 7: Public researchers and university professors enjoy ________; by law, they enjoy complete freedom of speech within the ordinary constraints of academia.
Media biasAcademic freedomContent-control softwareHate speech

Question 8: A popular referendum approved the constitution of the ________ in 1958, greatly strengthening the authority of the presidency and the executive with respect to Parliament.
Charles de GaulleDominique de VillepinFrench Fifth RepublicJacques Chirac

Question 9: Trial by ________ is available only for severe criminal cases ,which are the jurisdiction of the Courts of Assizes.
Jury nullificationJury trialJuryGrand jury

Question 10: While technically not part of the judicial branch, the Constitutional Council examines legislation and decides whether or not it violates the ________ or France's international treaties.
DemocracyConstitutionLawUnited Kingdom

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