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Question 1: With this act, Australian law was made unequivocally sovereign, and the ________ was confirmed as the highest court of appeal.
Governor-General of AustraliaConstitution of AustraliaAustralian constitutional lawHigh Court of Australia

Question 2: The federal nature of the Commonwealth and the structure of the ________ were the subject of protracted negotiations among the colonies during the drafting of the Constitution.
Constitution of AustraliaMonarchy of AustraliaConstitutional history of AustraliaParliament of Australia

Question 3: Under the prevailing ________, the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the support of a majority of the members in the House of Representatives is invited to form a government and is named Prime Minister.
Sri LankaParliamentary systemCommonwealth realmWestminster system

Question 4: Judiciary: The ________ and subsidiary Federal courts.
Governor-General of AustraliaHigh Court of AustraliaAustralian constitutional lawConstitution of Australia

Question 5: Section 1 of the Australian Constitution creates a federal legislature, the bicameral ________, which consists of the Queen and two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Parliament of AustraliaConstitutional history of AustraliaMonarchy of AustraliaConstitution of Australia

Question 6: In addition, Australia has several territories, three of which are self-governing: the ________ (ACT), the Northern Territory (NT) and Norfolk Island.
TasmaniaNew South WalesAustralian Capital TerritoryVictoria (Australia)

Question 7: Australia's other territories that are regularly inhabited (Jervis Bay, ________ and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands) are not self-governing.
Christmas IslandNorfolk IslandTokelauNew Caledonia

Question 8: The ________ is the principle whereby the three arms of government undertake their activities separate from each other:
Separation of powers under the United States ConstitutionSeparation of powersUnited KingdomConstitution

Question 9: Prior to the 2007 general election, the then Leader of the Opposition, ________, said that he and he alone would choose the ministry should he become Prime Minister.
Kevin RuddWayne SwanAustralian federal election, 2007Barack Obama

Question 10: The largely uninhabited ________ was established as a Territory of the Commonwealth in 1969 while Ashmore and Cartier Islands has been a territory since 1933 and administered under the laws of the Northern Territory.
AtollGreat Barrier ReefCoral reefCoral Sea Islands


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