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Goulash: Quiz


Question 1: Others suggest using a vast amount of ________ for colour and taste.
PotatoUnited StatesEggplantTomato

Question 2: Thick stews similar to pörkölt and the original cattlemen stew are popular throughout almost all the former ________, from Northeast Italy to the Carpates.
Holy Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireGerman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 3: Goulash (Polish: Gulasz) is also popular in ________, dish is similar to hungarian Pörkölt and it is usually eaten with buckwheat kasha.

Question 4: In ________, Canada and the United States, various adaptations have made the dish more suitable for local preferences.
JamaicaUnited KingdomAustraliaBarbados

Question 5: Red meats are best for pörkölt: most common are ________ and pork,[7] but other meats can be used as well, like lamb,[8] rabbit, goose,[2] and game, venison or boar.
CattleBeefTaboo food and drinkMilk

Question 6: After cooking a while, garlic, whole or ground caraway seeds, or soup vegetables like carrot, parsnip, peppers (green or ________), celery and a small tomato may be added.
Bell pepperCapsicumJalapeñoCapsicum annuum

Question 7: ________ and bell peppers are usually added in summer, but they can be dispensed with.
United StatesTomatoEggplantPotato

Question 8: Other herbs and spices could also be added, especially hot chili peppers, ________ and thyme[2].
Bay leafDysphania ambrosioidesCloveGarlic

Question 9: In ________, they are known as Perkelt, but are often referred to as "goulash" or a similar name.

Question 10: In Gorski Kotar and ________ deer and boar frequently replace beef - Lovački gulaš.
Military FrontierSerbsLikaCroatia

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