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Gostivar: Quiz


Question 1: Popova Shapka has been a host to both the European and ________ Ski Championships.
Western EuropeBalkansCentral EuropeEastern Europe

Question 2: Vardar River extends through Gostivar, cutting it in half, passes through the capital Skopje, goes through the country, enters Greece and finally reaches the ________.
Aegean civilizationsSamos IslandAeginaAegean Sea

Question 3: At summer time, Šar Mountain can be described as an ocean of ________.

Question 4: ________, wild boar and deer exist in these lands.
CaniformiaBearGray WolfBrown Bear

Question 5: High quality dairy products, mainly ________ and feta cheese, are made in the many sheepfolds on Šar and the adjacent mountains.

Question 6: He records how during the Third Macedonian War the King of ________ Perseus at the head of 10000 men, after taking Uskana (Kicevo), attacked Drau-Dak, today Gostivar.
Ancient GreeceClassical antiquityMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the Great

Question 7: It is calculated that each year in the period between June and August, approximately 500 000 ________ are brought into the city when many of them return to the city.
European Central BankPound sterlingEurozoneEuro

Question 8: Gostivar has good road and railway connections with the other cities in the region, such as Tetovo, Skopje, Kičevo, Ohrid, and ________.

Question 9: Merchants from Kruševo, Kičevo, ________ and Veles were the founders of the Gostivar merchant centre at that time.

Question 10: Early mentions of the town was made by the Roman historian ________.
Ancient RomeRoman NavyLivyClassical Latin


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