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Question 1: The Gospel of Philip is a text that reveals some connections with ________ writings of the Gnostic traditions.
Biblical canonEarly ChristianityCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 2: Scholars debate whether the original language was ________ or Greek.
Assyrian peopleArabic languageAramaic languageSyriac language

Question 3: Much of the Gospel of Philip is concerned with Gnostic views of the origin and nature of mankind and the sacraments of ________, unction and marriage.
Protestant ReformationInfant baptismBaptismLutheranism

Question 4: [1] Although this gospel may at first appear similar to the ________, it is not a sayings gospel, but a collection of gnostic teachings and reflections, a "gnostic anthology", as Marvin Meyer has called it.
Simon MagusDevelopment of the New Testament canonGnosticismGospel of Thomas

Question 5: The text is perhaps most famous as a very early source for the idea that Jesus was married to ________.
Mary MagdaleneMarthaSaint PeterNew Testament

Question 6: The text's title is modern; the only connection with ________ is that he is the only apostle mentioned (at 73,8).
Thomas the ApostlePhilip the ApostleJohn the ApostleSaint Peter

Question 7: The main theme concerns the value of ________.
Infant baptismBaptismSacramentProtestant Reformation

Question 8: The text makes no claim to be from Philip, though, similarly, the four ________ gospels make no explicit claim to be written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.
JesusBibleBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 9: [2] ________, in particular the sacrament of marriage, are a major theme.
Infant baptismProtestant ReformationBaptismSacrament


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