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Question 1: The discourses and actions of ________ preparatory to Christ's public ministry (Matthew 3; Matthew 4:11).
Zechariah (priest)John the BaptistJesusYahya ibn Zakariyya

Question 2: The Early ________ (Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus Origen, Jerome etc) all made reference to this gospel of Matthew.
Catholic ChurchEast–West SchismChurch FathersEarly Christianity

Question 3: To the trial, Matthew adds the detail that ________'s wife, tormented by a dream, tells him to have nothing to do with "that righteous man", and Pilate washes his hands of him.
GospelNew Testament view on Jesus' lifePontius PilateJesus

Question 4: Matthew expands Marks' account of the Parousia, or ________.
ChristJesusSecond ComingChristian eschatology

Question 5: In modern scholarship a new consensus is emerging which dates the Didache (part of the ________ collection), at about the turn of the 1st century.
Apostolic FathersJeromeEarly ChristianityIrenaeus

Question 6: Jesus, presented as a greater ________, completes and transcends Mosaic law.

Question 7: [3] The cast of thought and the forms of expression employed by the writer show that this Gospel was written by a Jewish Christian of ________.
Roman EmpireRoman BritainDacia (Roman province)Iudaea Province

Question 8: A minority of scholars continued to defend the tradition, which asserts Matthean priority, with Mark borrowing from Matthew (see: ________ and Griesbach hypothesis).
New TestamentAugustinian hypothesisConfessions (St. Augustine)Augustinians

Question 9: Matthew was a Galilean and the son of Alpheus [47] He collected taxes from the Hebrew people for ________.
Herod AntipasHerod the GreatHerod Philip IIHerod Archelaus

Question 10: [56][57][58][59] At about this time James succeeded his brother ________ as the leader of this small Jewish sect.
JesusChronology of JesusMinistry of JesusMary (mother of Jesus)


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