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Question 1: The Gospel of Luke is the only Gospel which contains the ________ of the Birth of Jesus to Mary his mother (1:26-38).
AnnunciationBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Orthodox ChurchRoman Catholic Mariology

Question 2: Although semitisms exist throughout the Gospel of Luke, it was probably composed in ________.
Koine GreekAncient Greek dialectsAncient GreekGreek language

Question 3: ________ rejection (9:52–56)
JudaismSephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsSamaritan

Question 4: ________ (20:27–40)
Christian eschatologyResurrection of the deadEnd timeJewish eschatology

Question 5: ________ (24:1–12)
JesusPassion (Christianity)Empty tombGospel

Question 6: The most commonly accepted solution is the ________.
Four Document HypothesisTwo-source hypothesisMarkan prioritySynoptic problem

Question 7: Even some supporters of the ________ hypothesis have concerns.
Markan priorityJesus SeminarQ documentJesus

Question 8: ________ (2:6–7)
Nativity of JesusChristmasBiblical MagiMary (mother of Jesus)

Question 9: Before ________ (23:6–12)
Herod AntipasHerod ArchelausHerod Philip IIHerod the Great

Question 10: Return of the ________ (11:24–26)
JesusNew TestamentBibleUnclean spirit

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