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Gospel of James: Quiz


Question 1: the third relates the Nativity, with the visit of midwives, hiding of Jesus from Herod the Great in a feeding trough and the parallel hiding in the hills of John the Baptist and his mother (Elizabeth) from ________.
Pontius PilateHerod ArchelausHerod AntipasHerod Philip II

Question 2: Other ________ in this tradition include The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (based on the Protoevangelium of James and on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas), and the so-called Arabic Infancy Gospel; all of which were regarded by the church as apocryphal.
Biblical canonChristian biblical canonsBibleNew Testament apocrypha

Question 3: [4] The echoes and parallels of the Old Testament appear to derive from its Greek translation, the Septuagint, as opposed to the Hebrew ________, which is noticeable due to several peculiarities and variations present in the Septuagint.
BibleKetuvimMasoretic TextNevi'im

Question 4:
  • ________ - early fresco depiction of the "Trial by water"
    John the BaptistCastelseprioBlessed Virgin MaryFlight into Egypt

Question 5: The earliest known manuscript of the text, a papyrus dating to the third or early fourth century, was found in 1958; it is kept in the Bodmer Library, ________ (Papyrus Bodmer 5).


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