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Gosoku-ryu: Quiz


Question 1: [1] In ________, Kubota came to the United States.

Question 2: Gosuku-ryū, "the style of force with speed," incorporates the methods of Goju-ryū and Shotokan karate with ________, jujitsu, and judo.
Martial artsHapkidoJujutsuAikido

Question 3: Gosoku-ryū is similar to ________ karate.

Question 4: After achieving shodan, or first degree black belt ranking, a ________ may progress further though the dan ranks up to ju-dan, or tenth degree black belt.
KarateMartial artsAikidoOkinawan martial arts

Question 5: The International Karate Association was formed in Tokyo, Japan in ________ for the purpose of teaching and promoting the Gosuku style of karate.

Question 6: Many weapons are practiced in the dojo: Kubotan, Tonfa, Kama, , Bokuto, Bokken, Shinai, Tsue (walking cane), and the ________ (Japanese sword).
WakizashiKatanaJapanese sword mountingsTantō

Question 7: Gosoku-ryū teaches quick leg sweeps and take-downs; in ________, attacks often end on the floor.
KarateJohn Jarvis (karateka)KumiteTerutomo Yamazaki

Question 8: Gosoku stands for hard and fast, which suggests a combination of techniques both from the fast and dynamic ________ style as well as from the strength-focused Gōjū-ryū style.

Question 9: Gosoku-ryū ( 剛速流 ?) is a style of ________ which was founded by Takayuki Kubota.
AikidoOkinawan martial artsKarateMartial arts

Question 10: The International Karate Association reaches worldwide with headquarters located in ________.
Glendale, CaliforniaLos AngelesSanta Clarita, CaliforniaLong Beach, California


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