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Question 1: Two of this period's most notable products are Goryeo celadon pottery and the Tripitaka Koreana — the Buddhist scriptures (________) carved onto roughly 80,000 woodblocks and stored, and still in, Haeinsa.
BuddhismAbhidhamma PitakaTripiṭakaPāli Canon

Question 2:
What type of government does Goryeo have?
Semi-elective monarchy
Constitutional monarchy and Limited Parilamentary Government
Monarchy / Democracy

Question 3: Gung Ye established Hugoguryeo (meaning "Later ________", renamed Taebong and Majin).
GojoseonBalhaeGoguryeoBuyeo kingdom

Question 4: In 1388, King U (son of King Gongmin and a concubine) and general Choe Yeong planned a campaign to invade present-day ________ of China.
LiaoningJinzhou DistrictHuanren Manchu Autonomous CountyLüshunkou District

Question 5: The English name "Korea" derives from "Goryeo." See also ________.
Names of KoreaNames of JapanNames of BurmaNames of China

Question 6: The other one, led by Kim Bu-sik (author of the ________), wanted to keep the status quo.
GoguryeoSamguk SagiBaekjeBalhae

Question 7:
What religion does Goryeo adhere to?

Question 8:
Where does Goryeo come from?
South Korea, North Korea
South Korea, Cheonan Campus: Cheonan,, Chungnam, South Korea
Republic of Korea

Question 9: However, after Seo Hui's negotiation with Khitan, they withdrew and ceded territory to the east of the Amnok River when Goryeo agreed to end its alliance with ________ China.
Tang DynastySong DynastyHan DynastyMing Dynasty

Question 10:
What region does Goryeo belong to?
Europe and North America
Yorkshire and the Humber
Pays de la Loire
Korean Peninsula


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