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Gorlois: Quiz


Question 1: According to ________'s Historia Regum Britanniae, Uther falls in love with Igraine and wars with Gorlois to get to her.
Geoffrey of MonmouthKing ArthurBedeHistoria Brittonum

Question 2: Uther asks for ________'s aid in pursuing her, and Merlin casts a spell that disguises Uther in the form of Gorlois.
King Arthur in various mediaKing ArthurCamelotMerlin

Question 3: Later versions give him a number of children, the most famous of which are Elaine, Morgause or Anna, and ________.
Morgan le FayKing ArthurYwainCamelot

Question 4: Gorlois was a Duke of Cornwall and Igraine's first husband before her marriage to Uther Pendragon, according to the ________.
King Arthur's familyHistorical basis for King ArthurKing ArthurKing Arthur's messianic return


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